Week 3: Dating Violence vs. Healthy Relationships

Monday July 7, 2014


Participants engaged in lively discussions about coercive and controlling behaviors that can be warning signs of an abusive relationship. Drawing from personal experiences, players shared how they saw different types of power and control play out in the lives of some of their family and friends.


Transitioning from red flags, small groups each designed a healthy relationships wheel describing core elements such as love, respect, care, support and communication. I have to admit, I have never been so inspired working with youth; their honesty about the impact of dating and domestic violence on their lives reinforced the need for this curriculum and then to hear the expectations they have for their relationships and their confidence in knowing what’s healthy and what’s not was so encouraging. I only wish they didn’t feel so much pressure to be wealthy and show love through material things but I think we all have that expectation early on!

As told by DCCADV’s Training and Outreach Director Liz Odongo