“Vice President Biden’s Letter to Becky’s Fund”

Tuesday September 8, 2015

Every year we ask honorary guests who are unable to attend the event to write a letter of support of our work to submit to our Walk This Way program book. An excerpt from Vice President Joe Biden’s letter:

It is a privilege to recognize Becky’s Fund as you celebrate your fifth annual “Walk This Way” Fashion Event. This organization has worked tirelessly to advocate and to provide resources for survivors of this terrible crime, as well as to spread awareness and foster activism.

I’ve always said that the worst abuse of power is when a man raises his hand to hurt a woman. We all have to take responsibility. We have to spread this message to everyone, particularly young men. To all of the athletes at this event, thank you. Thank you for stepping up, speaking out, and setting an example for so many men and women. These athletes are sending a clear message that it is never ever acceptable for a man to harm a woman and there is nothing manly about it. There is absolutely no excuse for not stepping up and speaking out when you see abuse.

Read the rest of Vice President Biden’s letter of support to Becky’s Fund.